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Paid Player Games

The PaidPlayer Game Community is your dedicated piece of online space for you to interact with your fellow gamers.

What can I do on it?
When you create a community persona, you'll be able to write reviews on your latest game purchases, post status updates, create a blog, make friends, follow the latest happenings in your local store and more!

How does it work?
When you log into Your Account, create your Game Community Profile, be as wild as  you like

The Paid Player Dashboard is your account homepage, filled with useful account information. the rest of the menu links will allow you to list and join tournaments both for money and for bragging rights, yo can upload video of your glorious kills or game moments and join other teams making friends with gamers from all over the world.

Your Profile This is your Community profile, which is easy to create - just add a photo, a brief bio (as fun or as factual as you think represents you!), and some age and location information, which will help you to make your presence known within the Community. You can set up your profile with preferences to suit how visible you want to be, how you want to be notified, and so on, customising your Commuinity experience to suit you. Once that's done, this is where you can update your status, just like on Facebook or Twitter.

Players This is where you can view all your friends and followers

Press This is where you can really make your mark by writing your own blog. These journal-like updates allow you to be more in-depth than a simple status update, and let you write about anything you feel like. Other users can read and comment on your blogs, and if they're good enough you may even get some followers!

Community This is essentially the homepage for the PaidPlayer Community as a whole. Here's where you'll see the most recent blogs and reviews, the top rated games, and the activity of other members of the Community. If you want to interact with other gamers, this is the place!

How is it moderated?
While we know the majority of you are lovely people who just want to chat about the latest gaming goodness, we also know that there's always a small minority who like to cause trouble. For that reason, we'll check every review, comment and image that gets submitted before it goes on the site to stop any offensive, abusive, or other undesirable posts ruining everyone else's fun, and if we miss anything, you'll be able to report any post, comment, blog or review that you think we need to take a look at.

What should I avoid posting Personal Info?
Please don't post anything offensive, abusive, inflammatory or incendiary. You also shouldn't include any personal details such as email, phone number or address, or any of your order details, as for your own protection we'll delete them. And obviously, you shouldn't post any advertisements, or link to outside websites. Basically use your common sense. If you wouldn't say it in front of your granny, then it's probably not ok to be posted on our website! Aside from that, you're free to talk about what you like. Our Guide To User Reviews goes into this in a bit more depth.

Register your Gamer Handle and Get Into The Action



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