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Iastra Broadcasting Founded in 2003 has shown a long track record of success in Network Structure, Content Delivery, Applications Development, Infrastructure Architecture and Client Support Products.

Iastra Broadcasting Iastra.net, Iastra.info, IFilmFeatures.com, Iastralive.com, Iastrabroadcasting.com, BigCityLive.net, CFCLive.net, PaidPlayer.Net, DestinosExotico.com, Gamersorg.com, Movieinvestorsclub.com, UrockMe.tv, just to name a few these destinations are just the first of many applications developed by a team of highly motivated marketing, programming and creative professionals building a digital entertainment network delivering high quality content globally via a ISP / ASP infrastructure focused on the Broadband Interactive Market Place.

The Iastra infrastructure is a state of the art architecture with servers on 5 continents utilizing the latest technology that will place Iastra Broadcasting at the forefront of the highly lucrative and exciting digital interactive entertainment market.

Corporate Overview

Since 2003, the principle of Iastra Broadcasting has been to pursue the founding mission….to identify and develop opportunities of the 20th century.

Iastra Broadcasting is a forward looking early stage equity / development partner employing its own expertise and capital in assisting development stage and emerging growth companies with tools and resources necessary to fulfill their corporate mandate.

Our network of experienced professionals are the strength of our specialized services.

The Challenge

The demands being placed on the Internet to deliver large volumes of high quality content are growing rapidly. The Internet, as it is designed today, is incapable of meeting this exploding demand.

The inability to meet the traffic demands results in congestion and slowdown or complete inability of the Internet to deliver content to its destination. A growing number of Content Delivery and Distribution (CDD) companies have attempted to solve the inherent problems of today’s Internet by deploying their own networks of cache servers to duplicate existing Web server content.

These content caches are positioned as close as possible to major consumption points along the Internet, in hopes that, through a variety of software algorithms, content can be routed more efficiently from a cache server to businesses.

Web content delivery systems that rely on caching solutions have demonstrated real performance and availability improvements for high-activity Web sites.

At the same time, however, a caching solution does not completely address the inherent problems of the Internet, nor does it guarantee quality of service for the end user.

Our Solution

Iastra Broadcasting’s innovative network design solves the traditional limitations of the Internet by creating a high speed, end-to-end network that connects a business to their desired content without having to rely upon an unregulated and unmanaged Internet.

As a result, the Iastra Broadcasting solution eliminates problems such as backbone congestion, bottlenecks at peering points and latency.

Iastra Broadcasting Value Proposition:

  • high quality streaming content, delivery at dramatically improved economics to content providers.

  • fast end-to-end connections for commerce companies.

  • appealing broadband content at low cost and zero backbone utilization to access providers.

  • cost-effective value added services to corporate customers.

  • broadcast-quality streaming media content at high bit rates and long clip times to Internet users.

Product & Services


Iastra Broadcasting is developing large amounts of exciting high quality content in the form of applications designed for content providers as a value add for existing users bases.


Web users have little tolerance — they are unlikely to browse, purchase from or return to a web or ecommerce site where they experienced slow-loading content or service degradation. Web performance is not only a key point of differentiation among content providers; it can directly impact the bottom line. With on-line and web site populations growing exponentially, content providers can stay competitive by enhancing their end-users’ experience.

Delivery allows content providers and e-commerce companies to deliver high-quality content to broadband Internet users. Delivery enables full-screen, full-speed, high-resolution video, clear stereo sound and fast text and graphics.

Octane Delivery also offers revolutionary performance increases in content site speed, reliability, and scalability.

Before Delivery, content providers required high bandwidth access and robust server infrastructures to meet peak demand loads. Iastra Broadcasting, delivering Octane via its next-generation network, cost effectively handles these peak demand loads without demanding large capital outlays.

Iastra Broadcasting provides the network and the distribution of the content for storage in local servers. Broadband customers will have access to content locally without the need to cross Internet congestion points, providing an unparalleled Internet experience.

Benefits for the Content Provider and E-Commerce Company

Content Provide

  • True media-quality experience

  • Step reduction in costs

  • Advanced technologies and scale of fiber-optic backbone

  • Economies from serving content locally

  • Enables sustainable streaming media businesses

  • End-to-end control of content

  • Co-exists with other CDNs


  • Improved online experience of e-commerce sites

  • Improved reliability

  • Richer site content

  • Bi-directional interactive tools

  • Ability to differentiate quality of service to premium customers


As Internet users demand a more intensive Internet experience and content providers respond with richer and bolder content, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) need to ensure their ability to deliver high-quality service without interruptions, even during periods of peak usage.

In many instances the architecture of today’s Internet limits the ISPs ability to meet these high demand loads. Octane Access allows Broadband ISPs to deliver rich media-quality content locally to their customers, easily and inexpensively.

Octane Access delivers full-screen, full-speed, high-resolution video, clear stereo sound and fast text and graphics. Octane ISPs are able to provide high-quality service without interruptions by delivering content to their customers from the Iastra Broadcasting network rather than across the congested Internet.

Benefits for the Access Provider

  • Access to rich multimedia content

  • Superior broadband experience for end users

  • Inexpensive and non-invasive implementation

  • Provision local loop connection

  • Activate BGP routing protocol

  • No third-party hardware

  • Significant reduction of bandwidth costs

  • On-net content received for free

  • Back-up Internet connection

Iastra Broadcasting Connect

Iastra Broadcasting is a Tier One, Next generation Internet Company. We are vastly improving the Internet experience, by using a private peering and a cached content solution out of over 72 Data Centers across the country and over 200 more around the world.

The World Group infrastructure lies on a National ATM backbone structure, and have an extensive private transit agreement in place with Williams Communications for connectivity to and from our next-generation Internet Content Delivery Network (CDN). In fact, we have nearly 10gbs of Internet transit that by virtue of our CDN model goes largely under-utilized.

This provides us with an opportunity to provide a superlative Internet experience to your organization at an aggressive price point. Therefore we are currently focusing on offering one-hop” Internet access, utilizing our extensive private peering arrangements.

Our Data Centers are housed within, and cross-connect directly to Internaps private peering routers. There is no “long haul” back to 1 or 2 peering points, as with conventional providers. We have adopted this strategy to take advantage of our powerful Data Center configuration and our outstanding transit relationship.

Delivered over the Iastra Broadcasting next-generation Internet network, Iastra Developments Connect allows ISP’s, Content Hosts, or Enterprise companies to implement fast, dedicated, two-way connections, reducing costs, improve connectivity, and productivity.


  • Scalable point-to-point dedicated access

  • Connection to Iastra Broadcasting ATM backbone network

  • 24/7 NOC coverage

  • High-quality Internet connectivity

  • Service Level Guarantees

  • Extensive Network peering

Network Architecture

Iastra Broadcasting network is being built around the following key components:

  • A terrestrial IP backbone reaching all 191 LATAs in the continental US.

This backbone will enable Iastra Broadcasting to provide both market coverage and  class of service management. It will also allow Iastra Broadcasting costs to follow  the declining cost curve of optical networking technology.

  • Content servers in every LATA, enabling broadband content providers to “broadcast” multimedia content once to the geographic edge of the network, where it is stored for repetitive delivery on demand. 

Streaming from a local content source provides dramatically improved performance, enabling content and service providers to deliver service that is free of problems such as jitter, latency, and packet loss caused by congested backbone segments. This delivers a true media-quality experience to users. 

Streaming locally also enables a differentiated business model, where content companies pay traditional rates when they use the Iastra Broadcasting backbone, but far lower rates when they stream locally.

  • Advanced class - of - service and IP multicasting functionality built into the backbone. 

Multicasting, possible because Iastra Broadcasting owns its own backbone, will conserve network resources by using a single content stream to populate content servers throughout the network and for real-time web casts. Provisioning multiple classes of service will allow Iastra Broadcasting to handle both streaming content and standard IP traffic on a single network without degrading streaming performance, and to provision fast end-to-end connections for commerce.

  • Interconnection to all or most major broadband access providers in each metropolitan market area.

Connecting to Iastra Broadcasting’s network will both reduce costs and improve performance for access providers, by conserving network resources, providing low cost access to compelling content, and delivering high-performance, high-quality media streams to end users. As access providers capitalize on these advantages by connecting to the Iastra Broadcasting network, the value of the Iastra Broadcasting network to content providers will grow.

Support Infrastructure

Iastra Broadcasting believes that prompt and efficient customer care is critical to retaining customers. At Iastra Broadcasting’s Network Service Center (NSC), expert support professionals dedicated to providing high quality and timely support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Iastra Broadcasting provides a host of services which are normally available from preeminent long standing Cable Based Networks. To Find Out More about iastra Broadcasting and all the services we offer:

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We see the arts as a unique opportunity to reflect and enrich the human experience. To bridge cultures and to share a common language. And to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to dream big. We’re also not afraid to take risks in order to bring new art to the world. Students and faculty explore their craft here, honing it and pushing it to new levels of award-winning and thought-provoking expression that visitors from all over the state and nation come to experience. From literary to visual to performing, UNCG offers some of the best arts and entertainment available. Explore and be inspired.



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We offer tailor made advertising packages for any budget to give you maximum results.
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