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The Video Game Industry is a $58 Billion Dollar a year industry and is growing faster than any other entertainment medium with over 450 Million Game Players World Wide.


Since the Beginning Atari had the world at its fingertips with a new game called pong, now of course technology has made huge leaps forwards and the games industry leads the technology market. The Future of Gaming has only just begun and the future is unlimited.

The Iastra Game Development Fund will focus on 3 titles to develop in the ever popular Massively Multiplayer Environment.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and talent to make a good game. To make a bunch of them, though, takes something more. Something special. Day after day, passionate gamers pour their love into discussions about video games of all kinds – rarely do we reflect the people behind the inventive puzzlers, story-driven adventures, and artistic experiments we obsess over.

Who are these video game makers, and what makes them special? What is their history? What have these developers done for the games industry in its 40 years of existence? These companies consistently create incredible experiences, and their achievements and contributions to gaming are unmistakable. Whether over the course of a few years or a few decades, these brilliant creators continue to have a strong influence in guiding the games industry to the top of entertainment. What makes a great video game company?

Consistency, consistency, consistency! (Did I mention consistency? Oh, I did? Good). Over the past few decades, many great game developers that might have been seen at the top of the heap at one point have been submerged only to re-emerge with a great new title that again puts them at the top of the developers list. But when a company can consistently push out great releases, one better than the last, then you know you have a name-brand that you can trust, and a large smile envelops your face whenever you see their logo flash across the screen.

Iastra Digital Entertainment now has 3 fantastic game titles that will be built with the latest cutting edge technology available today using the top people in the industry, with this model Consistency will be the tag word for Iastra Digital Entertainment.

Join us now by making a contribution to help produce 3 of the best games to be released in the history of Gaming.

Make a Contribution To The Game Development Fund Now

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