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Connecting students and universities with engaging learning experiences.



Today’s educational institutions are faced with a growing set of challenges such as, budget constraints, reduced faculty & staff resources.

Schools need to inform and engage their various constituencies to ensure participation and support.

corporate-event-streaming2Deliver  school’s curriculum, Classes, Performances, announcements live from the school’s website, having them be automatically recorded, and then available on-demand whenever parents have time to watch. Imagine being able to broadcast your sporting event or graduation to families and alumni outside of the local area. Imagine delivering educational videos to parents so that they can work with the children outside of the classroom.  All of this is possible with Iastra Broadcasting.

The Iastra Difference
Iastra Broadcasting’s Online Streaming Service (Iastra) puts the power of video and the reach of the Internet into any school’s hands, enabling them to quickly deliver live event broadcasts, live webcasts, as well as on-demand video directly from their website.

online-learning-streams6What sets Iastra apart, besides ease-of-use and flexibility, is the level of access and control that the schools get over who can view their content and how that content is delivered. Schools can limit access to certain content while making others publicly available. They can even share a live event with the local television station or newspaper and let them broadcast it on their website too, increasing the school’s exposure inside and outside the community.



News Release:

Iastra Broadcasting is now the Exclusive broadcasting and Infrastructure provider to ICollegeClass.com a new online Distance Learning Platform allowing Educators, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Inspirational Speakers, Corporations, Universities, Schools and organizations of all kinds to Educate People using new technology eliminating the need to be local to the school or teacher.

ICollegeClass.com Distance Learning Platform


Contact our Educational Streaming Specialist for more information on how easy Iastra can Broadcast your classes, performances, sporting events and anything else you would like to stream live to your students, their parents or other members of the community.




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